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Athletes Development Management

If you are a Secondary or University Student and your passion is playing football let ADM help you experience a once in a life time opportunity. With the help of ADM, you don’t have to pick between choosing a career or playing football. In America you can develop your football and career path at the same time, all while improving your English. Most importantaly, you will an unforgettable experience doing both that you will carry with you for the rest of your life!

How Does ADM Do This?

ADM offers you the opportunity to join American universities while playing football in the USA collegiate system. We help you find a scholarship in the USA that will help you become a profesional: whether it be in football or your field of study.

USA Scholarships

Our wide array of contacts in the United States allows us to open doors for you in the American University System. We will put you in contact with coaches from American Universities, and we will follow you every step of the way in a very personal approach throughout the entire college search process. We advise you on which University is best for you based upon your individual profile.

We take into account many factors such as size of the University, Level of Play, Location of The University, Intended Areas of Study, and much more. Each person and family is unique and we make sure to take this approach to find the best place for you!

Post Graduation…..Now What?

After your University or Post-Graduate Studies, ADM offers you a wide range of international contacts. This allows you to develop a career in your field of study or if you would like to continue to play professionally in the United States or abroad, we will help guide and advice you during this process. In other words, you decide what your future will be!



We analyze the profile of the player and we prepare an action plan according to the needs of the family. This includes English proficiency exams such as the TOEFL and also admissions exams such as the SAT or ACT.


We create an academic and athletic profile and we send it to universities that will best fit your current situation. We take care of all the academic and personal documentation. This includes the admissions process, visa process, health insurance, etc.


Your family can count on us at any time to help you with flights, university accomodations, academic and administrative processes, and when the college search process is finalized, we continue providing support even after graduation day!


  • We help with English Proficiency Exams, College Entrance Exams, Translation of Documents, registration and visa process, and we continue this support throughout the entire University experience all 4 years.
  • Our process is completely transparent and the communication with the player and families continue before, during, and after the University experience in America.
  • Scholarships in the USA include housing, living costs, tuition, and courswork during your time there. Not only will you become a profesional that is highly demanded in your field, but you won’t have to give up football either! You can do both at the same time while you obtain a high level of English. Most importantly, you will experience a unique opportunity that will stay with you for the rest of your life!


Our team is a group of young and old football players with experience in the United States as scholarshiped athletes and profesional football playing experience. Our team knows the processes  of the American System and now are using their knowledge and contacts to help you reach your goals.

Scouting Reino Unido

Patrick Wilson

Bournemouth England. Played at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids Michigan, and also in the second división in Hungry, Belgium and England. Bournemouth Under-16 Coach as well as English National U-16 Coach. Currently pursuing his UEFA A License, and holds his UEFA B, UEFA Futsal and FA Advanced Youth Award and helps develop connections throughout the United Kingdom.
CoFundador & CEO

Gonzalo Iglesias

Valladolid, Spain. Founder of ADM Sports Group. His experience in the younger categories of Real Valladolid helped him receive a USA Scholarship. In 2014 he graduated with a degree in Business Management and Marketing from Taylor University in Indiana. His vast experience in Sport and Digital Marketing helped him become a part of Ogilvy, a global reference in marketing and publicity.
Scouting Sudamérica y Portugal

Kevin Willy

Nacido en Rio de Janeiro , Brasil
Su experiencia en las categoría inferiores de Queimados FC le llevó a dar el salto a España para poder fichar por un equipo gallego en 2015. Después de muchos años trabajando y jugando en el fútbol base español es el encargado de todo nuestro scouting en Sudamérica con especial hincapié en Brasil.
Scouting USA

Cory Weaver

American. Graduated from Wheaton College in Illionis and has played against first división opposition such as FC Groningen, Vitesse Arnhem, and SC Heerenveen in Holland. He later continued his career in Australia with Brisbane Wolves and Bayside United. He has experience as an American College Coach and has a wide knowledge of the American system, which has allowed him to form contacts with coaches all over the USA.


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